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KUKbit Startup Lab Ecosystem

Numerous companies globally have already graduated successfully from the unique technology start-up and VC funding model, and others are constantly being identified and brought on line.

Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP) has combination of Incubation and Acceleration of startup KUKbiT actively promotes collaboration and partnerships between startups and industry. Qualified startups are those founded and/or led by college faculty, staff, or any alumni, or are based on emerging technology. Industry participants are principally members of Kukbit’s Entrepreneurship Development program EDP maintains a propriety database of over all connected startups with roots across our department, labs and development centers; it hosts a robust schedule of startup workshops and showcases and facilitates networking and introductions between startups and corporate executives.

EDP is a startup accelerator within early-stages Startup, featuring startups that have proven to be exceptional with early use cases, clients, demos, or partnerships, and are poised for significant growth. EDP receive promotion, travel, and advisory support, and are prioritized for meetings with industrial experts and integrated programs for Corporate Relations.

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Selection Processes to Apply to Startup Lab Membership
The selection process is 5 steps.

  1. Applicant need to submit their idea, Innovation, Business Plan in our idea section on website.
  2. Idea get evaluate and one of our expert will get back to you for shortlisting processes.
  3. The selected startups are invited to pitch for planning, validation, funding and financial states.
  4. We come back with our observations, decision on selection into the program and possible modes of engagement that can be considered within a week.
  5. After Selecting the idea then we introducing Induction program which take place all the startup activity done with mentors.